Welcome to Mosaic Salon! Please, come in and meet our team of talented and trained stylists who are dedicated to giving exceptional service while making your visit relaxing and enjoyable.

Cary Ferrin

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Cary Ferrin, Stylist at Mosaic SalonI completed beauty school in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1998. My partner and I moved to Portland, Oregon in 2001 and haven’t looked back. I try to continue my education in the study of hair by attending classes a few times of year. Technology, techniques, and trends change continually, so it is very important for me to keep honing my skills. To learn more about the services I offer please feel free to visit my website,

Debra Johnson

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Debra Johnson, stylist at Mosaic SalonDebra Johnson has been a licensed stylist for more than 2 decades. Her specialty is creating looks with color and shape. She started at Magnum Opus and did an extensive training program. Debra spent 10 years at Magnum Opus then went onto work with the team she is with now at Mosaic Salon. Debra has a tremendous following. Her energy is endless and very positive. She brings light into every situation she is confronted with. Her coloring skills are expert quality and her finishing is right on!

Call 503.243.2119 Ext. 2 to schedule with Debra Johnson.

Meg Shanafelt Wasserburger

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Meg Shanafelt Wasserburger - aka Hair Monkey stylist at Mosaic Salon

“Improving Portland, one head at a time!”

I have been very fortunate to get extensive training with some of North Americas greatest talents!
I have been featured in an Oregonian bridal expose, then on Good Day Oregon for some pool side glamour.
In 2005 I was dubbed THE Hairmonkey by a dear client. She said it every time she walked by the shop while I was playing with somebody’s hair. It stuck!

In 2011 I was introduced to The Paul Mitchell Color line, and fell in love! The company strives to keep all artists in free ongoing education. Paul Mitchell gives back to the planet and supports fair trade. I am proud to be associated with such an outstanding organization.


Meg : AKA the TheHairMonkey.

To schedule with Meg call 503.319.9174

Bryan Croissant

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Black and White picture of Bryan Croissant, Stylist at Mosaic Salon in Portland, Oregon.I have loved playing with hair my whole life and getting to do it professionally is a dream come true. I am passionate about styling, cutting and especially hair color…the art, dimension and texture it can bring to clients’ hair. My personal favorite is blonding with tape-in. I like to stay up to date on current trends and am constantly learning new techniques

Call 503.953.5649 to schedule with Bryan Croissant.

Jeanna Johnson

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Picture of Mosaic Salon Owner Jeanna Johnson, standing in a vineyard.During my early years as a stylist, I was fortunate to train under some of the most respected artists at that time.

I am still a strong believer in continuing education. I will never stop learning and growing, both personally and professionally.

Another passion of mine is to work as a photostylist with photographers specializing in commercial fashion and image photography. This has led to work in New York, San Francisco, and LA. My work has been featured in “W” magazine and “Ladies Home Journal,” along with local publications in the Northwest.